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Part One: Building a PC -- choosing your components
The PC we're building will be built for video editing, so there will be a lot of high-end components, but regardless, every computer needs certain parts. The motherboard is the control center of the PC, where most of the components and chips plug into.
Components of a Computer System
The motherboard also contains physical slots used to attach and integrate other computer components ... system. Network interfaces and modems function as both input and output devices, sending to, and receiving information from, other computers.
Build a Great Media-Editing PC, Part 1: How to Choose Your PC Components
In this multipart series, we show you how to build a powerful PC. In this video, we discuss how to choose parts for your new media-editing desktop. Here are the other videos in the series, tied to this article: "DIY: How to Build a Great Media-Editing PC":
Computers 101: What's a motherboard?
Just about anyone who's used a computer for a reasonable amount of time has probably heard of the term "motherboard". But what exactly is a motherboard, and why is it so important? The motherboard is made up of a number of important parts which ...
Chillblast Fusion Panther review: gaming PC with decent components
The Chillblast Fusion Panther offers a decent set of components, but it lacks a little gaming PC wow factor. Read our Chillblast Fusion Panther review to find out more. It starts, inevitably, with a CPU from Intel’s new Haswell range. This is no mid ...
Recommended PC Parts for Gaming
but I mostly go by user rating and whether or not the parts are compatible. I already have built a gaming PC, and I have parts that I plan to upgrade it with. I basically need somebody to tell me if these parts are worth it, and/ or recommend a part that's ...